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Ramaj Jamar Dog Groomer

Sup! I am Ramaj Jamar-people call me "Ra" for short.

I have professionally groomed for over 2 years in Houston and New Orleans. You may know me from parading my baby boi GodZilla around the city!

I am a certified groomer, certified Opawz specialist, and protege of Adrian Smith (Groomed by Adrian) from Pooch Perfect. I specialize in scissor cutz, creative styling, and poodles are my favorite sport! I look forward to helping you achieve your fur baby goals and creative expression with your dawgz!



...To raise awareness of creative grooming and pet care to help pet owners achieve their fur goals!


Creative grooming is an art form that brings joy to the community and I hope to spread that joy throughout H-Town with a pop of color and style!

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